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January 23, 2009


Hari ni kerja macam biasa tapi hari ni BB datang umah aku.Tak balik
Temerloh dia katanya.So dia cadangkan utk kitorg tgk movie.
Dia nak tgk Inkheart sementara aku nak tgk Bride War.Tapi rasanya
Bride War belum release so tgk Inkheart aje lah.

Lalu kami login masuk website GSC utk beli tiket secara online.That's
our fabulous way to purchase the tickets...just like usual.Sedang
belek2 website GSC,terpampang movie Bride War!
Omg! harus tgk ni...
So kitorg pun beli tiket utk both movies.

Inkheart pukul 3.35pm;
Bride War pukul 11.50pm mlm nnt.

Masa aku type blog ni,aku baru selesai tgk Inkheart.The movie was .....not bad~
Biasa lah filem fantasi mcm tu,anything might happen & appear in the scenes.

Well I think that movie will planning for their sequel ..hope so.
I gave 6 star for that kind of plots.
The plots are light..predictable and the same sense of humor can be
founded in this film and the other fantasy films..

*I like Meggie dress at the ending of the film by the way,it was soooo
haute-couture! hahaha

Haie Ahmad

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