April 11, 2011

Anything changes? About me?

Well, its been a while sinve I didn't post something to my blog. Been busy day by day. Living my 24hours life with cursing and dealing with those monkeys...

Yeah, my job requires me to be at the workplace more than my own home. I spent 70% of my daily life at my workplace; my own home? -well its just a place for me to take a bath and a quick nap. -not a rest!

Working with UNIQLO is fun but tiring. We do yelling to each other..screaming.. and such stupid greeting that made our customers feels annoyed.
Its our way. A UNIQLO way.

I can still remember the day I went to BOSSINI at the Pavilion; the moment I stepped in and syncronizingly the staffs goes "hello welcome to Bossini!"

I was like - what?! They never did that before! See how big is the impact that UNIQLO brings to the retails line?

Well I'm just tired...
I dunno what I merepek here..bye!

**enjoying my holiday at Sarawak
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