April 12, 2011

Kembali ke Kuching

Hello Kuching!!
Well I supposely post this entry first before the entry below this one. Hehe..its ok lah.

This is my second time visiting Kuching and Jesper's family. But this time I will enjoy it to the fullest because I got 8 days to spend here. Not like last year where I only managed to get 4 days release.

Its not just an ordinary vacation but this time we will celebrate Jesper's birthday as well as our 1 year Anniversary :) mmuahh!!
And for the celebration, we didn't prepare much but tomorrow morning (13th Apr) we will start to hiking the Mount Serapi early in the morning..
-to breathe and feel the nature

And on 15th, together with his sister and friend, we will having fun in a beach style because we will attending the Flip Flop Beach Carnival at Damai Puri Beach Resort!

There will be a hot air ballon ride!

Ok this is for now :)
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