April 17, 2011

FlipFlop Beach Carnival 2011

Ok! This one should be the greatest beach carnival as the promotions of it was done perfectly via all medias.
Jesper bought 4 entry passes for me, his sister and one of her sister's friend.
The so-called "carnival" is the first ever in Kuching so we expect more ppl to come.
Well maybe we are too early that day.
The carnival held at Damai Puri Beach Resort from 15th-17th April with the Mount Santubong as the backdrop.

We arrived there sooooooooo early around 830am (because we've been told that the hot air ballon is at 7am-10am before we knew it that it only started at 7pm!!) ..well I don't blame Jesper coz he got the info from his friend who are actually one of the crew for the event.

Until noon, there are less people seen at the beach. Maybe coz its Friday. Or perhaps coz of the Sarawak polling thingy?! Not relevant!

By 4pm, people starts to come and the activities got some participation from the beachers *or bitchies? Heheh

The most dissappointing thing was the hot air ballon! We pays RM30 per head just to be on it for merely 5 minutes?! Well, its not really 5 minutes anyway! Less that it.
Plus, we don't even 'fly' to the mountain pun since the ballon was attached with 3 big ropes (one was tied to the lorry) and the hot air ballon was like hanged...!

And after that so-called 5 minutes 'ride' , we get off. Wtf! Ridiculous..
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