May 02, 2010

@DELIcious Mid Valley

Selamat masuk ke bulan May!

Hell yeah and cross ur fingers coz I'm now counting down to my
birthday by end of this month!
Omg!~ it means that I'm getting older, getting getting older! I hate that..

Well, my 20 ++ birthday will be on this 29th..and again will share a
birthday with my mom and my little sister which falls on 31st(mom) and
28th(sister). But usually,my family will hold some makan2 with our
family closest-friends.

Yes,we won't invite those makcik2 gossipers to our makan2 party. And
yes, it will be held on the 30th of May. =)


Because that date is a 'vacant' date to playsafe to us..while my
sister wanted to do a birthday party for her on 28th, mine on 29th &
mom on 31st,can make my abah bankrupt! So abah picked 30th...again =)

I only have 27 more days to go before my age on MySpace will soon
automatically increase to 24! (but I can give a 'discount' to my year
of birth it won't increase =)
Well I was planning to celebrate my birthday with only my closest
friends..which is not so many.
I don't have many closest bestfrens..maybe ill do it in a karaoke
style at RedBox!

Kami kaki karaoke!

Haie Ahmad

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